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24th OCTOBER, 2019


9:00 Welcome speach

New technological advances in vascular radiology. Moderator A. Kratovska

9:10 Preoperative radiological evaluation and measurement accuracy in patients with acute thoracic aorta pathology V. Vysockas, Kaunas, Lithuania

9:20 An impact of brahiocephalic vessel anatomy on TEVAR planning F. Schwarz, Augsburg, Germany

9:30 Post-EVAR surveillance & re-intervention modelling L. Kim, Cambridge, UK

9:40 Vascular trauma MDCT, case review, technical challenges M. Zeps, Riga, Latvia

9:50 Radiological diagnosis of pelvic congestion syndrome E. Reedi, Tallin, Estonia

10:00 Evaluation of carotid artery atherosclerotic lesion with contrast enchanced ultrasound A. Gimzauskaite, Kaunas, Lithuania

10:10 Radiological follow-up after EVAR/TEVAR P. Saari, Kuopio, Finland

10:20 The role of perfusion imaging and angiosome concept in infrapopliteal angioplasty A. Kratovska, Riga, Latvia

10:30 Coffee break

Carotid and vertebral artery diseases. Moderators A. Mackevicius, R. Kaupas

11:00 Vertebral artery surgery: The results A. Mackevicius, Vilnius, Lithuania

11:10 Evidence for Asymptomatic Carotid Intervention: Identifying the High-Risk Patient R. Bulbulia, Oxford, United Kingdom

11:20 Stroke Chameleons A. Vilionskis, Vilnius, Lithuania

11:30 NIRS as a predictor of cerebral ischaemia during CEA in awake patients D. Inčiūra, A. Antuševas,

A. Aladaitis, A. Gimžauskaitė, L. Velička, Ž. Kavaliauskienė; Kaunas, Lithuania

11:40 Surgical method selection for carotid stenosis treatment T. Kobza, Lvov Ukraine

11:50 Intermediate results of the comparison of the efficiency of carotid artery stenting with open and closed cell stents. Siberia study A. Karpenko, Novosibirsk, Russia

12:00 Intracranial thrombectomy and Carotid artery stenting: An  acute stroke treatment option A. Sirvinskas, Vilnius, Lithuania

12:10 Timing and results of CEA in acute setting M. Taurino, Roma, Italy

12:20 Results of the staged revascularization of the combined atherosclerotic injury of the carotid and coronary arteries Sh. I. Karimov, A. A. Irnazarov, A. A. Yulbarisov, H. K. Alidjanov, A. M. Akhmatov, R. T. Muminov, V. E. Tsay, A. A. Djalilov, D. H. Nurmatov, J. K. Matmuradov, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

12:30 Cerebral hyperperfusion after carotid endarterectomy R. Trutiak, D. Royko, O. Trutiak, Lvov, Ukraine

12:40 Endovascular method selection for carotid stenosis treatment A. Pranculis, Panevėžys, Lithuania 

12:50 Reperfusion-reoxygenation syndrome and its correction Vl. Zasimovic, Brest, Belarus

13:00 Lunch

Aortic diseases. Moderators D. Krievins, T. Baltrunas

14:00 DANCAVAS and VIVA studies J. S. Lindholt, Odense, Denmark

14:10 National differences in AAA paterns: Germany, Russia, Tajikistan E. Kalmykov, Hamburg, Germany

14:20 Sex differences in the management of AAA M. Bown, Leicester, UK

14:30 Open TAAA experience L. Davidovic, Belgrade, Serbia

14:50 Anesthesiologist point of view G. Tomkute, Vilnius, Lithuania

15:00 COLT system P. Szopinski, Warsaw, Poland

15:10 Increased intra-abdominal pressure after AAA repair M. Bjorck, Uppsala, Sweden

15:20 ALTURA prosthesis for AAA: Is there space for Kissing endografts? D. Krievins, Riga, Latvia

15:30 Iliac artery aneurysm treatment A. Jawien, Bydgoszc, Poland

15:40 Isolated iliac artery aneurysm stenting: is it durable? S. J. Norvydas, R. Kaupas, L. Velicka; Kaunas, Lithuania

15:50 Buttock claudication after internal iliac artery embolisation T. Danilevicius, U. Lukauskaite, T. Ptašinskas, R. Kaupas, L. Velicka; Kaunas, Lithuania

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Sponsored lecture 

Design | Dose | Data for the Eluvia Stent Morgane Delemarle, US. Boston Scientific

Translational medicine. Moderators P. Szopinski, T. Baltrunas

16:45 Endovascular aortic arch procedures P. Szopinski, Warsaw, Poland

16:55 Preo-op Diagnosis of Silent Coronary Ischemia using CT-derived Fractional Flow Reserve (FFRct) May Redduce Post-op MI and Death in Patients Undergoing Peripheral Vascular Surgery D. Krievins, K. Kaufmanis, Riga, Latvia

17:05 Inflammation and atherothrombosis J. Tunon, Madrid, Spain

17:15 What is 'Best Medical Therapy' for PAD Patients? R. Bulbulia, Oxford, United Kingdom

17:25 Influence of diabetes on SFA endovascular recanalization is debatable L. Rizzo, Roma, Italy

17:35 Stemm cell therapy for PAD A. Darinskas, Vilnius, Lithuania 

17:43 Silent atrial fibrilation-new epidemic or unfounded fear U. Chernyaha-Royko, D. Royko, M. Sorokivskyy; Lvov Ukraine

17:53 Microbiome and host health: the surgeon's view A. Bausys, Vilnius, Lithuania

18:00 Role of vascular surgeon on postsoviet battlefield T. Kobza, Lvov Ukraine

18:10 Special awards

25th OCTOBER, 2019

9:00 Sponsored lecture
Interventional treatment of venous thrombosis - from acute DVT to post-thrombotic lesions O. Hartung, Marseille, France
Peripheral artery disease. Moderators P. Poder, P. Ivanova

9:20 Open solutions for aorto-femoral occlussive disease D. Inciura, Dr. R. Adamonis, Kaunas, Lithuania

9:30 CERAB technique – a tailor made solution foor the treatment of Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease H. Zayed, London, United Kingdom

9:40 Endarterectomy of iliac and femoral arteries + endovascular solutions P. Poder, Tallinn, Estonia

9:50 Drug-eluting technologies in peripheral vessels: future or past? G. Vadala, Italy  

10:00 Experience with heavily calcified SFA lesions. Lithoplasty and vessel preparation balloons K. Lotamõis, Tallinn, Estonia

10:10 Latest experience with dual layer stents in the lower limbs T. Fuss, Radebeule, Germany

10:20 In situ vein bypass - still an option for CLI G. Vanakesa, Tallinn, Estonia

10:30 Endovascular thrombectomy: options? P. Ivanova, Riga, Latvia

10:40 Discussions


10:50 Coffee break

Artery disease and live cases. Moderators G. Vaitėnas, A. Skrebūnas

11:20 The results of biomimetic correction of the superficial femoral artery during its extended stenting A. Karpenko, Novosibirsk, Russia

11:30 Chronic mesenteric ischemia: international guidelines and our experience Y. Orel, D. Royko, Lvov Ukraine

11:38 Challenging lower limb revascularisation H. Kidikas, Riga, Latvia

11:46 Regional oxymetry changes after BTK revascularization T. Baltrunas, Vilnius, Lithuania

11:51 Giant gl. caroticum tumor: A rare clinical case K. Laurikenas, Vilnius, Lithuania   ​

11:59 Surgical treatment of patients with Takayasu arteritis: a 10-year experience Sh. I. Karimov, A. A. Irnazarov, A. A. Yulbarisov, H. K. Alidjanov, A. M. Akhmatov, V. E. Tsay, A. A. Djalilov, E. R. Djuraeva, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

12:07 The prevalence of post endovascular access site bleeding and pseudoaneurysms requiring surgical treatment V. Dabravolskaite, O. Hurmerinta, V.Vänni, J. Turtiainen; Joensuu, Finland

12:15 The usage of BX covered stents as a bridging stent in endovascular aneurysm repair H. Zayed, London, United Kingdom

12:25 The Association of Aortic Wall Density on CTA with Aneurysm Growth Following EVAR A. Skrebūnas, G. Lengvenis, R. Bliūdžius, U. Builytė, T. Baltrūnas, N. Misonis, G. Marinskis; Vilnius, Lithuania

12:30 Honoured lecture. Vascular surgery in the old Vilnius University V. Triponis, Vilnius, Lithuania

12:40 Live cases

13:20 Lunch

Ulcer treatment. Moderators I. Asakiene, L. Pilipaityte

14:20 Venous leg ulcer treatment A. Jawien, Warsaw, Poland

14:35 Wound dressings for autolytic removal of non-viable tissue K. Varkalys, Kaunas, Lithuania

14:45 Shave therapy for treatment of leg ulcers: indications, technic and results J. Rits, Riga, Latvia

14:55 Negative pressure therapy for complicated wound treatment A. Gaurilčikas, Kaunas, Lithuania

15:05 Treating chronic wounds with hydrotherapy: presentation of clinical cases T. Petraitis, Marijampole, Lithuania

15:15 Chronic wound bed preparation for skin transplantation: presentation of a clinical case G. Mickevičiūtė, R. Bražinskaitė, I. Ašakienė, Vilnius, Lithuania

15:20 Results of complex management of chronic wounds G. Vaitėnas, G. Mickevičiūtė, Vilnius, Lithuania

15:25 The impact of multidisciplinary care for diabetic foot in reducing major amputation rates V. Sliauzys; Kaunas, Lithuania

15:30 Complex wound healing after open vascular interventions.  I. Ašakienė, G. Mickevičiūtė, Vilnius, Lithuania

15:35 Staphylococcal sepsis with skin necrosis V. Bielko, Šiauliai, Lithuania

15:40 Local antibacterial wound treatment: antibiotics L. Pilipaitytė, Kaunas, Lithuania

15:50 Discussions

16:10 Coffee break

Venous interventions. Moderators A. Jawien, L. Velicka

16:40 Anticoagulation in superfitial vein intervention : do we need it? L. Velicka, Kaunas, Lithuania

16:50 Complications of laser ablation: lessons I learned from my practice J. Rits, Riga, Latvia

17:00 Phlebitic reaction after cyanoacrylate treatment of superficial veins Pr. Poder, Talinn, Estonia

17:10 Complications after  tretment of  pelvic vein dissorders V. Palmiste, Talinn, Estonia

17:20 Contemporary treatment of acute DVT P. Ivanova, Riga, Latvia

17:30 Results after Iliac vein stenting for chronic obstruction M. Chamsin, R. Kaupas, L. Velicka; Kaunas, Lithuania

17:40 Results after thrombolysis and  stenting of acute DVT A. Jawien, Bydgosc, Poland

17:50 Analysis of the quality of life of patients with deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities Sh. I. Karimov, A. A. Irnazarov, A. A. Asrarov, V. R. Khasanov, I. R. Beknazarov, U. Z. Turizhanov, T. E. Rakhimzoda, R. V. Agzamov

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