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6th OCTOBER, 2017

9:00      Registration

10:00    Opening comment

10:05     Treatment of ulcers and wounds. Historical perspective   D. Triponiene   Vilnius, Lithuania

10:15      Complex treatment of ulcers   I. Asakiene   Vilnius, Lithuania

10:25      Tactics of treatment for therapy resistant leg ulcer. Case presentation    J. Rits    Riga, Latvia

10:30      Iliocaval vein stenting: initial expierence   L. Velicka   Kaunas, Lithuania

10:40     Live case 1 from LSMU    M. Bulvas A. Pranculis

11:10       Drug eluting technology treatment   O. Jaffer   London, UK

11:30      Folow up after a/v fistula and factors affecting maturation   A. Pokstas   Kaunas, Lithuania

11:40      Penumbra symposium   G. de Donato   Siena, Italy

12:00     Angiojet symposium   O. Jaffer   London, UK

12:20      A prospective single arm study on Rotarex mechanical debulking in acute and subacute ischaemia of lower limbs   M. Bulvas   Prague, Czech Republic

12:40       Interventions in acute ischaemia: cases and discussion    T. Baltrunas    Vilnius, Lithuania

12:45      Lunch break

13:45      Live case 2 from VMKL    O. Jaffer A. Virbalis

14:15       Peripheral thrombolysis: Latvian experience   A. Ligers   Riga, Latvia

14:25      Acute mesenteric ischaemia: surgical, endovascular and hybrid solutions   J. Bernotas   Kaunas, Lithuania

14:35      Acute mesenteric ischaemia due to paradoxical embolisation   R. Petrutis   Klaipeda, Lithuania

14:40     Mechanical thrombectomy with Rotarex, experience in Estonia   K. Lotamois   Tallin, Estonia

14:50     Live case 3 from LSMU

15:20      Interventions below the knee: cases and discussion    T. Baltrunas    Vilnius, Lithuania

15:25      Live case 4 from VMKL


15:45      Coffee break

16:10      Live case 4 from VMKL (continued)

16:20     In situ by-passes   Z. Chaoui   Leipzig, Germany

16:50      High volume center experience of in situ by-passes   M. Vaisnore   Kolding, Denmark

17:00      Revascularization BTK: endovascular possibilities and outcome   G. Vadala   Palermo, Italy

17:10       Endovascular reconstruction of popliteal artery bifurcation   S. Margus   Tallin, Estonia

17:20      Bypass associated endovascular procedures: hybrid approach A. Kratovska   Riga, Latvia

17:30      Dedicated wires for interventions BTK   J. van den Berg   Lugano, Switzerland

17:40      Distal access: tips and tricks   T. Fuss   Radebeul, Germany

17:50      Results after distal bypass surgery: 10 years experience   T. Danilevicius   Kaunas, Lithuania

18:00      Biotronic symposium   J. Martin   Berlin, Germany

18:10      Revascularization BTK: outcomes of open vs endovascular treatment   A. Navickiene   Vilnius, Lithuania

18:20       Elutax SV in CLI - real world results   A. Ruebben   Aachen, Germany

7th OCTOBER, 2017

9:00      Endovascular thrombectomies: different point of view   A. Drobnys   Arnsberg, Germany

9:10       AAA pathophysiology   J. S. Lindholt   Viborg, Denmark

9:30      Starting - AAA screening program in Estonia   Pr. Poder   Tallinn, Estonia

9:40      Ruptured AAA treatment: Latvian experience   P. Ivanova   Riga, Latvia

9:50      Ruptured EVAR: Lithuanian experience   A. Mackevicius   Vilnius, Lithuania

10:00    Ruptured EVAR: Danish experience   T. Balezantis   Odense, Denmark

10:10     Planning for rEVAR   V. Visockas   Kaunas, Lithuania

10:20    Retroperitoneal AAA approach   Z. Chaoui   Leipzig, Germany

10:55     Abdominal complications after major vascular surgery: ways to get out   L. Velicka   Kaunas, Lithuania


11:05      Coffee break

11:35      Endoanchoring EVAR primary and secondary   J. P. de Vries   Nieuwegein, Netherlands

11:50     Long-term results of chimneys in the thoracic arch   T. Larzon   Orebro, Sweden

12:00     Bullet embolization after subclavian artery injury: a case presentation   R. Cerneviciute, A. Antusevas, A.Gimzauskaitė, A.Mourad, D.Inciura   Kaunas, Lithuania

12:05     How to reduce complications in fenestrated and branched-fenestrated aortic repair   T. Larzon   Orebro, Sweden

12:20     Endograft apposition and aortic neck changes post-EVAR   J. P. de Vries   Nieuwegein, Netherlands

12:30     Aortic neck remodelling after EVAS   D. Krievins   Riga, Latvia

12:40     Endologix solutions for AAA - the power of choice   P. Szopinski   Warsaw, Poland

12:50     Triple chimney EVAS case report   T. Baltrunas   Vilnius, Lithuania

12:55      Experience with Altura   D. Krievins   Riga, Latvia

13:05     Primary IMA coilling: comments  A. Skrebunas   Vilnius, Lithuania

13:15      Open vs. endovascular repair of non-emergency AAA: a ten year experienceJ. TurtianenJoensuu, Finland


13:25      Lunch break

14:25      Surveilance after EVAR: diameter vs volume   A. Skrebunas   Vilnius, Lithuania

14:35      Follow up regime after EVAR in real life: comments   K. Medelis   Vilnius, Lithuania

14:45     Teatment of type II endoleak    A. Pranculis, R. Kaupas   Kaunas, Lithuania

14:55      Experience in managing EVAR complications   P. Szopinski    Warsaw, Poland

15:05     Disrupted stentgraft case report   A. Pranculis   Panevezys, Lithuania

15:10      Ruptured AAA after EVAR case report   S. Karniyevich   Minsk, Belarus

15:15       Bleeding aorta-uretheric fistula: open repair after endovascular treatment   T. Baltrunas   Vilnius, Lithuania

15:20     Aortoenteric fistula after aortic ligation case reports   L. Velicka   Kaunas, Lithuania

15:25      Surgical treatment of aortoenteric fistula case report   T. Janusauskas   Vilnius, Lithuania

15:30     Hybrid treatment of aortic arch mycotic aneurysm, case report   L. Jarasunas   Klaipeda, Lithuania


15:35      Coffee break

16:05     Chimney EVAR   K. Donas   Muenster, Germany

16:15     The venous allograft program at North Estonia Medical Centre   Pr. Poder   Tallinn, Estonia

16:25      Allograft replacement for bifurcated aortic graft infection   S. Karniyevich   Minsk, Belarus

16:35     Vascularized muscle technique for vascular graft infection. Results.   R. Vaitkevicius   Vilnius, Lithuania

16:45     Vascular prothesis infection. Comparison of clinical and microbiological data   V. J. Triponis   Vilnius, Lithuania

16:55     Undress the full metal jacket: Spot Stenting with Multiple Stent Delivery System   R. M. Proczka   Jozefow, Poland

17:05     Inferior vena cava and right atrium tumor thrombectomy   M. Gutauskas, G. Vaitenas, A. Skrebunas   Vilnius, Lithuania

17:15      Renal artery replantation for complex aortic surgery   M. Laukaitis   Kaunas, Lithuania

17:25      EVAR with distal position of horseshoe kidney   G. Vaitenas   Vilnius, Lithuania

17:30     Stromal vascular fraction cells for the treatment of CLI: a pilot study   A. Darinskas   Vilnius, Lithuania

17:40     Factors affecting primary patency after iliac artery stenting    D. Inciura,  Z. Kavaliauskiene, A. Antusevas, R. Kaupas, T. Danilevicius   Kaunas, Lithuania

17:50     Results after carotid endarterectomy due to intraoperative monitoring   A. Gimzauskaite   Kaunas, Lithuania

18:00    Results after endovascular and surgical treatment of iliac artery.   A. Antuševas, Z.Kavaliauskiene, D.Inciura, L.Velicka, T.Danilevicius, R.Kaupas   Kaunas, Lithuania

18:10     Superficial femoral artery bilateral aneurysm. Case report   R. Vaitkevicius   Vilnius, Lithuania

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